Aesus High Speed Premier Shrink Sleeving Machine

from 150/min through 400/min



High Speed Shrink Labelling

The Aesus Premier range of Shrink Labelling machines boast very high speeds and large range of sleeves.

Speeds 400/min on reasonable sized sleeves.  Faster on Neck bands. Twin units will double the speeds.

Sleeves up to 7.5 inch dia (190mm)  (300mm) flat width.

Apart from inherently well designed machinery including oversized supports, stainless steel panels, optional safety guarding, compact footprint and other excellent features too numerous to mention, Aesus ShrinkLabelers have certain very exclusive advantages that we list below.

Mandrel application
Bands or Sleeves are applied to the container, directly from the mandrel. This means there is no secondary side transfer or vacuum cups or other movement. Sleeves go right on the container.

Close sizing of Mandrel, band and container As we apply directly from the Mandrel we can have a band that more closely fits the container, thereby saving band material cost, and giving better final shrink characteristics. The closer the band fits the container the smaller percentage of shrink needed. No suction cups .

Direct application again means that neither suction cups nor vacuum is needed to hold the band. Neither humidity, dust, nor worn suction cups have any effect on the machine.

Static Electricity As the bands are not released until they are on the container static electricity has virtually no effect. If you have very short bands and lots of static then our proprietary band tacker can be enabled right at the application station to ensure the band stays put.

Band Tacker Our own optional proprietary single or dual band tackers can enabled to tack the band to the container. This is activated directly from the control panel, and saved away as a recipe to be recalled for subsequent use once setup correctly.

Large Bands The larger the container diameter the better our machines stand up against the competition because we control the band right onto the neck, and then if needed tacked. Short Bands Very short bands (3mm or so) can be applied by our ShrinkLabelers, where other machines lose total control.

Dial in any length at the control panel using our unique is servo band feed mechanism. Recall recipes for subsequent set ups. Print registration Both clear and printed band material can be run on the same machine with the optional photo registration device.

Changeover: new products can be set up quickly and easily. The time saved adds up rapidly... helping pay for the machine over and over.

Compact: The ShrinkLabeler takes up half the space of others.

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Clear choice

Servo and not Stepper drive

Mandrel direct application to product

Print registration



Mandrel application!

Mandrel application.... Bands or Sleeves are applied to the container, directly from the mandrel. This means there is no secondary side transfer or vacuum cups or other movement. Sleeves go right onto the container or neck.

Excellent controls


Ergonomic operator panel shows machine status, controls all options, has memories to recall previous set-ups, and is password protected where necessary.

Optional Accessories

 Photo Registration for Printed Band Material, stops the feed at the length determined by photo registration marks on the Material.


Automatic Motorized Band Unwind, operates using a low level sensor which detects when the band unwind should feed band to alleviate web tension.

Horizontal Perforation Assembly Allowing the cap to be removed from the container while leaving the sleeve on the the container.

Vertical Perforation Assembly, always combined with the motorized band unwind, a hardened perforation wheel perforates the sleeve. Note with our system no additional tension is given to the web by the perforation wheel because of the motorized unwind. The Perforation placement on the band can be adjusted anywhere horizontally along the material’s layflat.